The Magic Flute
Adapted by Steven Fogell
from the opera by Mozart
6 m, 6 w, 16 flexible, extras if desired
Script: 58 pages
Follow Prince Tamino in this hilarious tale as he travels to the castle of the evil Sarastro to save the princess Pamina. Along his magical journey he meets a wild cast of characters including Papageno, the three muses, the Greenbird, the spirits, and the fabled Queen of the Night. Armed with a magic flute given by the queen, Tamino is ready to take on Sarastro. Once inside the castle our prince and his friends face monsters, magic, and a test to free his beloved Pamina. Fast-paced dialogue and hysterical characters enchant this large cast-play based on the opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. About 75 minutes.
#2249 - The Magic Flute
"The show was spectacular. Our students for this production were 5 to 17 years in age. They all had parts they could learn from and characters they could develop on their individual level. The production had magic and humor that appealed to a variety of audience members. Fantastic!" -- K.K., Children's Theatre of Mesilla Valley, Las Cruces, NM

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