Adapted by Craig Sodaro
from the book by Eleanor Porter
6 m, 18 w, doubling possible
Script: 68 pages
It's the early 1900s and young, frightened Pollyanna Whittier arrives in Vermont, full of hope that her new life with Aunt Polly will help ease the pain of her parents' deaths. But Polly Harrington has only taken her niece out of a sense of duty and quickly regrets it. The girl immediately begins making friends with the very people Polly Harrington has worked hard to either ignore or run out of town. Pollyanna seems to find joy in everything and gradually brings the town to life. But when Aunt Polly finds her niece helping put on a show to raise money for Dr. Chilton's clinic, she forbids her to continue and decides to send her to a boarding school. Tragedy strikes the night of the show when Pollyanna is hit by a car. The only way she can have a chance to walk again is if her aunt can find it in her long-locked heart to forgive and forget. Representational sets.
#8080 - Pollyanna

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