By Craig Sodaro
11 m, 17 w, 22 flexible, much doubling possible
Script: 60 pages
This sparkling adaptation of one of the most beloved tales from "The Arabian Nights" will take you aboard a dazzling, fun-filled, theatrical voyage. All of Sinbad's adventure-filled travels come from his desire to win the caliph's daughter, Minerva. In the land of Hashmona he presents the perfect present to its insatiable queen and is rewarded with gold and jewels for a dowry. But when he returns to Bagdad to claim the princess, his rival, the despicable Semitar, kidnaps Minerva. Sinbad sets sail to rescue her, but finds himself stranded on Paradise Island, where he has to escape the fate of being on a dinner menu. On Diamond Island, he faces Mama and her brood who turn tourists into toys, and Roc, a gigantic bird who picks the bones of those Mama doesn't shrink. Sinbad the sailor tricks his way out, and with the help of the travelers he saved, he returns and rescues Minerva to live happily ever after, or does he?
#2209 - Sinbad

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