By Craig Sodaro
8 m, 16 w, 5 flexible
Script: 72 pages
King Barney and Queen Rose suffer from a terrible jinx. Rose's sister, Jean, who wants to be queen herself, has cursed them with an "ugly duckling." Their oldest child, Dora, is as spoiled a brat as the kingdom has ever known. Desperate for help, the Queen calls on Magdelia, the witch who taught Jean everything she knows. Magdelia has only one antidote: some unlucky fellow must fall in love with Dora. A matchmaker suggests Bodkin, a simple woodcutter, who longs to marry. Dora is kidnapped and sent to Bodkin, who begins to slowly chip away at her nasty personality. Meanwhile, the latest beaux of Dora's sisters lay siege to the palace demanding to marry the princesses immediately. And Jean returns to trick Rose into abdicating. Luckily, Bodkin arrives to help save the day. After a hilarious sword fight, true love conquers all in a happy ending all around.
#2208 - The Ugly Duckling Princess

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