By Craig Sodaro
11 m, 12 w, 3 flexible
Script: 68 pages
Soapy Smith, a real outlaw of the West at the turn of the last century, has stolen the deed to Captain Billy's Skagway Saloon and is holding it for ransom. The price? Marriage to Miss Molly May, the daughter of Billy's late partner. The beautiful Miss Molly, in love with Titus Trueheart, the local hero, refuses until the unlikely day Soapy can clean up the town. Soapy asks his Seattle "associate," Venus von Trapp, to haul up a shipment of brides to help civilize the town. But when they turn out to be pickpockets and thieves, Soapy demands that Molly teach them how to be ladies. To make sure she doesn't refuse, Soapy has Captain Billy kidnapped. Will Soapy's soiled scheme succeed? Can Molly, Billy, Titus, and a grizzly bear save the day? However it all comes out in the rinse, you can be sure that by the end, Soapy is all washed up in Skagaway! Full evening.
#2205 - Here Come the Brides

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